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Fundraising Opportunities 

The Bay Theatre Playhouse offers what is possibly the world's most "No Brainer" fundraising evening.


There are new opportunities for Groups who wish to hold fund raising nights in conjunction with Bay Theatre Players productions.


Many local organisations felt they were previously excluded from taking advantage of this opportunity to fundraise, as they were too few in number to be able to sell a large number of tickets.  With our new system, a Group can raise funds by selling as few as twenty tickets for a show.

Being entirely self-funded, community owned, and owning our own premises we have the opportunity to assist other local & national charities in their fundraising activities.

If your group is interested in exploring this opportunity for your Fundraising, then please drop us a line and we shall be pleased to discuss the options available, one off, or ongoing seasonally.  Net proceeds then contribute to the Group's fundraising by simply having a very good night out where we do all the work, even the washing up!!

Interested?  Please contact Viv on 0416 083 545 or by email at

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